Tuesday, March 06, 2007

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Here are some photos I took. Unfortunately, I don't have labels for all of them.

Sweet handlebars:

This bike was achingly beautiful. Really amazing work.

I picked up a pair of these sliding dropouts from Paragon at their stand. They will go on the frame I am building.

A really cool big 29er MTB.

A very early MTB on display at the Ritchey stand. Check out the motorcycle brake levers.

Very sweet bike that uses the Shimano 8-speed Alfine group. Check out the hand-carved handlebar and aluminum doodads. The pulley for the shifter cable is a nice touch. The builder said that his family had a background in aviation, and this is a nod to cable-and-pulley airplane controls.

Nice way to tie in the seat stays. I wish I knew who did this.

Another nice seat stay solution.

Craig Calfee's carbon fiber bike. Crazy cool. With some analysis, I think that a frame built like this could be incredible strong.

He is building a lot of bikes that combine carbon fiber and mother nature's nearly perfect composite, bamboo. Apparently these are really nice bikes to ride.

A tiny road bike. But really small.

Moulton-inspired delivery bike.

Rohloff hub.

Cool fairing reminiscent of racing motorcycles from 50s and 60s.

Mike Flanagan of A.N.T. Bikes is a true artist. I met him when I bought his drill press from him a while ago. He is a mensch--he mailed me the chuck key a few weeks later when he found it. Didn't need to, but did. Cool

Really sweet MTB.

I am thinking of copying this paint scheme for my bike.

The new Columbus XCR stainless tubeset. These are good guys.

Internal routing of hydraulic brake lines.

Nice bike

This dude was cool, and his bike was really nice.